Australian Cuisine Catering in Melbourne

The national cuisine of Australia is one of the most exotic and diverse culinary traditions, in which the taste preferences of many peoples of the world are capriciously mixed. At different times, people from European and Asian countries contributed to the development of Australian cuisine and made it truly international. Among the popular dishes in the country, there are also absolute endemics – dishes that cannot be tried anywhere else. They surprise tourists with their unique tastes and original compositions. In the modern cuisine of Australia, delicacies of opossum, kenguryatin, buffalo, crocodile or ostrich meat are gastronomic treats for tourists. However, you can buy fresh kangaroo meat for the price of regular lamb in almost any shop.
Meat is a staple of Australian cuisine, used in most recipes. In restaurants, customers are offered dishes from pork, beef, lamb, poultry and game. Australian favorites include blood steak, banana steak, boiled mutton ham, brains stewed in butter and red wine, veggie tongue stew, chicken breast with eggplant, chicken in beer, veal cutlet with blackberry sauce, roast turkey and kenguryatin in kvadonga sauce. Grilled dishes are also very popular. In Australia, you can easily find a barbecue area, as it is a national sport among locals.
The Australian menu uses fresh fish, lobster, blue crab, shrimp, freshwater oysters and scallops, as well as shark lips and fried eels, which are sold in abundance in supermarkets and fish markets. It is prepared according to refined recipes under multi-component sauces and served with a rice side dish. Traditional dishes include tomatoes, croutons, barracuda and barramundi fish, Tasmanian glazed salmon, and specially cooked trout.