Indian Cuisine Catering in Melbourne

The character of Indian cuisine is determined by regions. In wet and very rainy regions, a cuisine based on rice and fish is adopted, and in arid and desert regions, a culinary culture based on wheat and meat is adopted. In temperate climates, the cuisine is based on rice, wheat, sheep and lamb, and fish. Indian cuisine has a very rich and diverse culture.
There are serious differences between the north and south of India in terms of food habits and styles, both historically and due to climatic conditions. More than half of the people in Badras, South India, and Kolkata, the eastern part of the country, eat boiled rice alongside meat and vegetable dishes prepared with spices called curry. Food is more bitter than other regions. In western India and northern New Delhi, people generally prefer wheat products. Apart from that, the way it is cooked in the north is the Mongolian tandoor cooking. It is reminiscent of Central Asian and Middle Eastern dishes. Its peculiarity is that it uses a greater amount of spices, and less hot pepper. Rice is consumed less than other regions. In Mumbai, Mumbai, which represents 10% of the population, rice and wheat are widely consumed. Street culture and street food is very common here.
The basis of the cuisine is dishes flavored with seeds and fresh herbs. The essence of Indian food lies in the correct use of fragrant dominant spices.
In India, where three meals a day are eaten, as in many countries, breakfasts vary according to the regions. In places where rice is eaten in the South, rice balls are consumed with sauces in the morning. For lunch and dinner, they eat dishes such as curry, kebab and fish. Usually there are several types of curry in the food.
Tea has an important place in the food culture of India as a beverage. Indians drink tea with milk and boil the tea with sugar. In South India, they generally consume coffee.
In general, curry dishes, bittersweet and sour flavored dishes are in the foreground. Curry itself is the star of the kitchen. Coconut milk is also widely used. Rose water and dried fruits are also used in the kitchen. Bread varieties are also quite numerous and common.