Mediterranean Cuisine Catering in Melbourne

The expression Mediterranean cuisine is used to describe the table and food cultures of the countries around the Mediterranean. This geography covers the regions where olive oil, which is the most basic and distinctive feature of the Mediterranean cuisine, is used frequently and where the olive tree is distributed.
Mediterranean cuisine has a wide variety of different cooking styles; especially Maghreb cuisine, Levant cuisine, Turkish cuisine, Greek cuisine, Italian cuisine and Spanish cuisine are included in this culture. The historical combination of this region, combined with the climate and economy of the Mediterranean, mainly includes the use of oil, bread and wine. In addition, fried sheep/goat meat, vegetable and tomato stews, salted fish and its products, and fish types called bottarga are also included in this cuisine.
Elements of this culture should not be confused with the “Mediterranean diet,” in which olive oil, wheat and other grains, fruit and vegetables, and fish products are abundant, but meat and dairy products are very scarce, with clear health benefits.