South-east Asian Cuisine Catering in Melbourne

Southeast Asian cuisine includes a strong emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic ingredients with flavors such as citrus and herbs such as lemon, coriander/coriander and basil. The ingredients in the region are similar to those in East Asian cuisines, fish sauces and ingredients such as galangal, tamarind and lemongrass are added as sauces. Cooking methods also include a balance of stir frying , boiling and steaming .
Most Southeast Asian meals are served “family style,” rather than as a series of courses. All dishes are set on the table and guests are encouraged to take a little bit of everything. Rice—commonly long-grain white rice in individual bowls—is used here as it is in China: a neutral “canvas” on which other flavors and textures are enjoyed. Vegetables and a protein or two are often accompanied by a communal broth for sipping and cleansing the palate throughout the meal. A cup of hot tea is often sipped at the end of the meal to aid digestion.